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ANT012: 3.3GHz 4-Cloverleaf Antenna (RHCP)




– Frequency: 3.3~3.5GHz
– Gain: 10dBi
– SWR: < 1.5
– Impedance: 50ohm
– Direction: Omni (360 degrees)
– Configuration: 4-cloverleaf
– Polarization :  RHCP
– Connector: SMA plug
– Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 102 mm ( cable length 80mm)
– Unit Weight: 12g


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Product Description


3.3GHz system has better penetrability rather than the 5.8GHz ones hence can travel further when

encounter obstacles in the way, meanwhile without increasing much size. This 3.3GHz 4-cloverleaf

omni directional antenna in pair continues to adopt the same classic design of 5.8GHz cloverleaf

antenna,each antenna has reinforcement around the clover leaf base, by using this antenna can g

et the most performance out of your 3.3 GHz system.