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ANT016: Short 5.8GHz 4-Cloverleaf Antenna with Protection Cover (RHCP)




– Directivity: Omnidirectional

– Frequency Range: 5725~5875MHz

– Standing Wave Ratio: 1.5

– Gain: 3dBi

– Connector: SMA / RP-SMA (optional)

– Polarization: Right-hand

– Color: Blue (SMA) or Red (RP-SMA)

– Protection Top Cover: available

– Package Contents: 2x antenna

– Weight: 9g (with cover)

– Dimensions: 65 x 26 mm



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Product Description


This 5.8GHz 4-leaf polarized antenna in pair helps reject “multipath interference”

which is a common problem with dipole antennas and significantly increase transmission

range. Each antenna has reinforcement around the clover leaf base and new protection cover

for preventing unwanted damage. Based on possible crash impact, this short cable length

version for more durability is recommended for mounting on racing drone side.