TX003: 5.8GHz 64CH Pit Mode/25/100/200/400/600MW Power Switchable Transmitter(OSD menu for settings)




– Power Supply: DC 7~24V

– Current: 320mAh @12V (600mW)

– Output Power: Pit Mode/25mw/100mw/200mw/400mw/600mw (switchable)

– Output Voltage: 5V(camera)

– Format: NTSC / PAL

– Port: 6p JST (DC7-24V, GND,RX, 5V output, GND, Video)

–  LED  light:Red for Power;Green for Channel;Blue for Band.

–Mode: CE and International Mode

Default at CE mode(Pit Mode and channel limitation, also smart audio function deactivated)



– Button Operation:

a. Mode Selection: Long press button for 10s, change to international mode;

b. Channel/Band/Power Level Selection:

1. short press to change channel;

2. long press 2s to enter band selection,and then short press to switch band FR;

3. long press 10s to enter power selection, and then short press to select power level:

Pit Mode/25mw/100mw/200mw/400mw/600mw;


– Band/CH selection: OSD menu (smart audio protocol) or button selection


– Frequency Chart:

Band A:

CH1_5705MHz,CH2_5685MHz,CH3_5665MHz,CH4_5645MHz, CH5_5885MHz,CH6_5905MHz,CH7_5925MHz,CH8_5945MHz

Band B:

CH1_5733MHz,CH2_5752MHz,CH3_5771MHz,CH4_5790MHz, CH5_5809MHz,CH6_5828MHz,CH7_5847MHz,CH8_5866MHz

Band C:

CH1_5725MHz,CH2_5745MHz,CH3_5765MHz,CH4_5785MHz, CH5_5805MHz,CH6_5825MHz,CH7_5845MHz,CH8_5865MHz

Band D:

CH1_5740MHz,CH2_5760MHz,CH3_5780MHz,CH4_5800MHz, CH5_5820MHz,CH6_5840MHz,CH7_5860MHz,CH8_5880MHz

Band E (Race Band):

CH1_5658MHz,CH2_5695MHz,CH3_5732MHz,CH4_5769MHz, CH5_5806MHz,CH6_5843MHz,CH7_5880MHz,CH8_5917MHz

Band F:

CH1_5362MHz,CH2_5399MHz,CH3_5436MHz,CH4_5473MHz, CH5_5510MHz,CH6_5547MHz,CH7_5584MHz,CH8_5621MHz

Band G:


Band H:



– Dimensions: 26mm×20mm×8mm

– Unit weight: 7.3g

– Included Accessories: 1 X DC and AV cable,1 X 2dbi 4-leaf antenna

– optional :MMCX to SMA Jack adapter cable (purchase seperately)


Product Description


Now you can select transmission 0~600mw power level(include Pit Mode), 8 bands,

64 channels & microphone function all of them by OSD menu (smart audio) or button

selection for different application.  Default at pit mode when you power on, no

interference to nearby active channels , it starts transmitting only after all set good.