TX004 (2)TX004 (6)TX004 (5)TX004 (3)TX004 (4)

TX004: 5.8GHz 64CH Pit Mode/25/100/200MW Power Switchable Transmitter(OSD menu for settings)




– Power Supply: DC 7~24V

– Current: 170mAh @12V (200mW)

– Output Power: Pit Mode/25mW / 100mW/200mW (switchable)

– Output Voltage: 5V(camera)

– Format: NTSC / PAL

– Port: 6p JST (DC7-24V, GND,RX, 5V output, GND, Video)

–  LED  light:Red:Power;Red:Channel;Blue:Band.


–Mode: CE and International Mode

Default at CE mode(Pit Mode and channel limitation, also smart audio function deactivated)


– Button Operation:

a. Mode Selection: Long press button for 10s, change to international mode;

b. Channel/Band/Power Level Selection:

1. short press to switch CH;

2. long press 2s to enter band selection,and then short press to switch band FR;

3. long press 10s to enter power selection, and then short press to select power level:

Pit mode/25mw/100mw/200mw;

– Band/CH selection: OSD menu (smart audio protocol) or button selection


– Frequency Chart:

Band A:

CH1_5705MHz,CH2_5685MHz,CH3_5665MHz,CH4_5645MHz, CH5_5885MHz,CH6_5905MHz,CH7_5925MHz,CH8_5945MHz

Band B:

CH1_5733MHz,CH2_5752MHz,CH3_5771MHz,CH4_5790MHz, CH5_5809MHz,CH6_5828MHz,CH7_5847MHz,CH8_5866MHz

Band C:

CH1_5725MHz,CH2_5745MHz,CH3_5765MHz,CH4_5785MHz, CH5_5805MHz,CH6_5825MHz,CH7_5845MHz,CH8_5865MHz

Band D:

CH1_5740MHz,CH2_5760MHz,CH3_5780MHz,CH4_5800MHz, CH5_5820MHz,CH6_5840MHz,CH7_5860MHz,CH8_5880MHz

Band E (Race Band):

CH1_5658MHz,CH2_5695MHz,CH3_5732MHz,CH4_5769MHz, CH5_5806MHz,CH6_5843MHz,CH7_5880MHz,CH8_5917MHz

Band F:

CH1_5362MHz,CH2_5399MHz,CH3_5436MHz,CH4_5473MHz, CH5_5510MHz,CH6_5547MHz,CH7_5584MHz,CH8_5621MHz

Band G:


Band H:



– Dimensions: 27mm×27mm×4.5mm

– Unit weight: 3g

– Included Accessories: 1 X DC and AV cable,1 X 2dbi omni antenna

– optional :SMA adapter cable (purchase seperately)


Product Description


Now you can select transmission power 0~200mw, 8 bands, 64 channel  and microphone

function all of them by OSD menu (smart audio) or button selection for different application.

 Default at pit mode when you power on, no interference to nearby active channels ,

it starts transmitting only after all set good.